Generations of scientists who tirelessly sought to understand the complex nature of taste, smell, and microbiology. With this inspiration in mind, we work tirelessly to pursue our passion of merging traditional and new techniques and flavor profiles to craft incredible beer, liquor, coffee and food.

Ology Brewing Co. was created out of, well… genetics. Yeah, that doesn’t sound very romantic, but the reality is true. Head Brewer and Founder of Ology, Nick Walker, was raised in a family of researchers and scientists who found their home in Tallahassee, FL at Florida State University in the 1950’s.

And if you didn’t think science was cool already, Nick’s father, Jim Walker, also studied olfaction — the study of smell. His research looked into how smell affects us psychologically.

Then, enter Nick Walker, who graduated with a B.S. in biology and worked as a nurse at a local hospital. He’s loved beer since before he could walk, and uses his incessant thirst for knowledge to study beer history and travel to learn from the most notable craft brewers.

We pursue what's different, undiscovered and unequaled.

You could say that Ology’s history really started with Nick’s grandfather, Lloyd Beidler, a prominent researcher at Florida State University’s psychobiology department, who forged discoveries into the science of how we experience taste. During his years, Beidler conducted experiments and made incredible discoveries, including the effects of Miracle Fruit, which, if ingested before eating something sour, would make the flavor in your mouth taste sweet.

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Need to stock your home bar? Grab a handle of your favorite spirits like our classic Vodka and London Dry Gin! Available at Ology taprooms. ...

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Enjoy a sip of summertime ☀️ Fruity, tart, and fun, stop by any of our taprooms and enjoy our NEW Lemoncello in our signature cocktail, the Cello-Politan!

Ology Vodka, Ology Lemoncello, Ology Solar Flare, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice


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Beach day? Summer party? All you really need is Ology Vodka Lime Soda. This light & delicious drink is perfect for keeping cool without all the sugar. ...

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Introducing Ology`s Limoncello Lemon Liqueur - 30% ABV of pure lemon intensity. Placed in the Roast & Revelry and Solar Flare category of non-creme based liqueurs, this is everything lemon from nose to finish. LOTS of fresh lemons were harmed in the making. ...

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Dropping in all taprooms tomorrow!

Alora Borealis - 8% Hazy Double IPA collab with @hopguild. We worked with them on the procurement of these hops and hop products. Alora and Vista hops meet Terpsauce. Guava, strawberry, lime notes hit strong with great guava pastelitos vibes.


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Today on Daniel Explains, meet Ology’s NEW Lemoncello dropping in all Taprooms TOMORROW (7/11) 🍋 This classic is a great way to create an Italian Summer feeling wherever you go. Follow along as Daniel Explains the ways we distilled this spirit, and comment below what you want Daniel to Explain next! ...

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Our mission: to find the perfect spot for maximum relaxation! Paddle boarding adventures are better with a can of Rainbow Colored Glasses on board.

Grab a pack and go explore the world!

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Ology`s Florida Rum: Crafted for the Sunshine State. Don`t forget to grab a bottle while you can! ...

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